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Business Communication

Wappin or WhatsApp Integrator is a product of PT. Solusi Pembayaran Elektronik (SPE) based in Indonesia. Wappin is effortlessly a match to any business you need to go through WhatsApp notification. Easily reach all your business needs.



Your business can directly reach customers through WhatsApp notifications, and if the customer is not active on WhatsApp, then Wappin is still be able to reach your customers via SMS. There are several examples of usage for this system such as Event Reminder, Invoice and Payment Notification, Update Alert, One Time Password (OTP), Ticket Update, etc.


Chatbot is used to served consumer doing conversation by the help of Wappin Virtual Assistant. The Chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has the ability to respond to various conversations with customers that are likely chat directly to customer service officers. By the assistance of Chatbot feature will also could answer various questions that are often asked by users.

Customer Service Platform

Chat Panel is used to serve complaints and questions from customers simultaneously by several customer care agents so that they can improve the quality of service for your business. This feature allows you as an entrepreneur to get closer to your customers and understand their needs. By answering customer needs, of course the business you do is also more able to adapt by your customer needs that always dynamically changes.

Scheduled Messages

Scheduled Messages feature is used to make it easier for you to manage chat messages that customers will receive on a schedule you can customize. In this feature, your business message can be easily timed according to your needs.

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Fast Message Delivery

High Frequency Using Whatsapp

Status Message Can be Shown

High Open and Read Message Ratio

Delivery Capabilities are More Than Just Text

Multiple Platform